This project is run by the Open Meteo Foundation

There is a huge gap on the weather stations market. Most stations are bad quality, except the high-end ones which are very expensive.

Many people are building weather stations based on prototyping platforms such as Arduino. But we can make it way better, less expensive and more efficient.

Let's join forces for creating the next-generation weather station.



Using innovative technologies, we can build a station that is very affordable. So everyone can get one.

Easy to build


The station must be easily manufactured with common DIY tools. So everyone can build it at home.



The station will be designed for a long life. It must be robust and require very low maintenance.



Design, software, schematics... The whole project is open and free. So everyone can reuse and improve it. Goal is also to build an open data network.
See licensing.

Step #1 : brainstorming

Step #2 : experimentation

  • build shields for easy testing with common prototyping platforms (arduino, raspberry, olinuxduino)

Step #3 : kickstart

Get involved !

Help us for working on step #1. You will find the details on each page.

See our TODO list